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"Ann is the ultimate “midwife” of personal and spiritual growth. She empowers others to be authentic, bold and present – bringing all of themselves to the table at all times."


"Ann brings compassion and understanding, honesty and candor, humor, intellect and a breath of knowledge to her work. Sometimes when our session is over, I feel like I have been .... Read more


"Ann has a great capacity for continually learning, a commitment to deeper wisdom and deep compassion in guiding people wisely and lovingly through challenges."


"I often think about the work I did with Ann. Life is good. She made a big difference in my life!"


"I so appreciate my sessions with Ann. They have been priceless and I’ve learned to truly love myself and put my selfcare first."


"I continue to be amazed and impressed by how good Ann is at this process. And, I don’t say these things out of a feeling of indebtedness, but because I am consistently surprised .... Read more


"Ann has been more than my therapist. She has helped me improve my life beyond our time together, specifically introducing me to other teachers, information, and resources. My life .... Read more