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Ann Britt

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Master Certified Coach


Years in Practice: 35+ Years

License: CA LMFT 16761 and OR LMFT T1841

School: UCLA, B.A. degree, California State University, Northridge, M.A. degree

My personal story is one of slowly working to discover, reconnect with and develop my voice, my own unique expression and my life path….

When I came into this world, I was full of energy and fully engaged in life. That is, until adolescence when societal expectations were imposed. “Be a lady,” “Be nice.” I learned to suppress my own essence in favor of succeeding in the eyes of others, but I was split between my public persona and the deep hidden aspects of myself that no one else saw. 

I decided that I wanted to help children learn and grow into their own potential so I got a degree in Elementary Education. But, while teaching children to read, I found that their emotional and psychological well-being affected their ability to learn and be successful. This was much more interesting to me, and I chose then to pursue a license to become a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).  

Through my studies in psychology and emotional development, I experienced first-hand a deep journey of self-discovery…. 

In pursuing my studies and licensure, I was forced to confront and ultimately upend the safe, conventional life I had created. I had to dismantle the false identity I had constructed over the years in order to unearth my long-lost authentic Self. 

The road was not an easy one. I found myself angry, confused, frustrated, and ultimately divorced. During a session with my therapist, I described the feeling as one akin to leaping off a cliff into the unknown, not knowing where I was going to land. He smiled and said, “You are assuming you are going to crash. Perhaps you will fly!”  

My outer work and my inner work—The Clinic and my psychotherapy practice. 

I had to provide 3,000 supervised hours of therapy required to qualify for my license to become a Marriage and Family Therapist so I volunteered at a small neighborhood Free Clinic. Unbeknownst to me, it was at that time in organizational disarray and it fell to me and a handful of other volunteers to keep the doors open. I eventually became CEO, and over the course of the next 25 years, was able to add a wide range of primary care services including internal medicine, family planning/GYN, pediatrics, men’s healthcare, AIDS testing and treatment, mental health services, and one of the most successful peer-to-peer teen health programs in the nation. 

While at the Clinic, I also set up my private practice as a psychotherapist and later expanded into coaching individuals, couples and small business owners.

My own journey of self-healing and discovery has afforded me unique insight into the challenges my clients face…… 

I have been providing coaching, therapeutic processes, guidance, support, feedback, resources and information for over 30 years to individuals, couples and families, and small business owners, helping them to identify and modify their dysfunctional patterns and get on track to create the life they want, becoming highly effective and feeling deeply fulfilled. 

As an LMFT and coach, my focus is on relationships as defined to include relationship with Self, with others such as partners, family, colleagues and community, as well as relationship to Spirit-- living life fully and mindfully. 

It would be an honor and a privilege to take this journey with you back to your unique expression, on your life path.

Do reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation! We will look at what is important to you, what makes your heart sing, what brings joy to your life—and what is getting in the way. 

If it feels right, we can explore ways I can help you further on your journey back to your true Self.

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